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Charles Waterton was born in June 1782.

In 1767 Thomas Waterton, (Charles father) began to build the house that still stands to this very day. It is now known as the Waterton Park Hotel and Walton Hall and is owned by the Kaye family.

In 1805 Thomas Waterton died leaving him the heir of the Walton estate where he resided there for a couple of years.

In 1821 Charles began to build a wall around the estate to protect the wildlife inside Walton Park - the first nature reserve ever known. The wall took 5 years to build; the cost was £9000. In today’s money that would be a very hefty sum of £2.5 million. The wall was 3 miles long and sometimes as much as 16 feet high, separating the park from the landscape surrounding it.

Charles Waterton married Anne Mary Edmonstone in Bruges, Belgium on 18th May 1829. Anne was 6 months pregnant when she married Charles. And sadly Anne passed away in April 1830 just three weeks after the birth of their son Edmond. She was buried in the vault of the Waterton chapel in Sandal Magna church.

Charles Waterton died on 27th May 1865 after tripping up over a bramble and falling heavily.

Coincidentally the place where he fell is no more than a stone throw away from where his remains lie. His coffin was transported from the hall via the Watergate on a barge to the head of the lake where he was ‘buried in silence’ broken only by the cry of the heron. As he lies in peace hopefully the old squire would give his blessing to the care and attention his park now receives from you.

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